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What is Sinai Scholars?

Sinai Scholars Society integrates the study of classical Jewish texts, social programming, and national networking opportunities to provide a fresh and exciting context for Jewish life and learning on the university campus. Sinai Scholars invites students to engage in an open community of study and self-discovery that will help them to become passionate, informed Jewish leaders on campus and in their respective communities.

The 3 pillars of Sinai Scholars Society:

1. DISCOVER your rich heritage

The curriculum at the Sinai Scholars Society doesn’t just pick up where Hebrew school left off. Our courses present the living tradition of authentic Jewish scholarship. We address important issues in modern life in light of the ancient sources and give you a chance to find your voice in a discussion that stretches across three millennia. Intriguing, challenging, and sophisticated, the learning experience at Sinai Scholars—both within and outside of the classroom—draws you into the pure pleasure of Torah study. More than inspiring and thoughtful, it is also fun.

2. CONNECT with other Jewish students on campus

Participants will have the chance to interact with other students across the country as well as distinguished figures from the world of business and public life as they engage in this unique prospect for personal and professional growth. Fellowship in the society continues after completion of the program and will offer growing opportunities to interact with an ever-expanding network of fellow students and Jewish leaders across the country.

3. Become an EMPOWERED Jewish leader

Since its inception, Sinai Scholars has been changing the face of Jewish student leadership. Fellowship in the Society is for life. Even after students step off campus, Sinai Scholars continues to empower its fellows with the knowledge, skills, and abundant opportunities to help them become powerful Jewish leaders—wherever life takes them.

Enrollment is now open for Fall 2023!We will be meeting for 8 consecutive Wednesday nights starting September 6.Delicious dinner served at each lesson!  


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